Rob Brennan
PDGA# 12529

(920) 336-3250

DiscOver Wisconsin
Green Bay Course
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KC Gazelle Tye

KC Gazelle Tye

Leopard Tye

Valkyrie SE Tye


X-clone Tye


Aviar Mad City Open

Bomb Ching


Elite XL Tye

Cyclone Tye

Millennium Aurora MS

Elite XL

Elite XS


Valkyrie SE Tye

Elite Reaper

Blowfly Marble Gummy

Elite Xpress

EliteZ Xpress

EliteZ MRV

Tee Bird

Eagle Glo

Aviar Glo

Shark Glo

Soft Magnet


DGA Atlantis

XD Putt & Approach

Birdie Putter





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Fly On!!!!!!!
The Disc Golf Association continues to lead the sport of disc golf by engineering superior discs that fly true. We all appreciate Ed Headrick's insight, unparalleled inventive spirit, and talent for bringing the sport of disc golf to players around the world. Without his creativity we would surely be throwing pie tins at trees!!! Support the DGA by visiting

Flathead Cyclone

XL Super Drive


Terminator X-Clone

Regular Discs$8.00 (Bundle = 3 for $20.00)
Premium Discs $10.00 Double Premium $15.00
BEGINNER SETS INCLUDE: 1 Putter, 1 Midrange, 1 Driver, plus 1 Marker Disc, & 1 Laminated Score Card & Map (Green Bay) $30
DGA M14 Ultra Portable Pole Holes $175 BAGS ALSO AVAILABLE from $20-60
Innova Portable DisCatcher Baskets $175 T-shirts $12-15 * Hats $8-12 * Towels $8
Ching Skill Shot Portable Targets $110 Water Bottles $5 * Mini Marker Discs $2
Call for special orders!!! Innova "Disc Golf" Computer Games $23

PUTTERS Rattler Aviar DGA Blunt Putt Birdie  
Rhyno Atlantis RDGA Putter Soft Magnet Magnet  

DRIVERS Cheetah Banshee Viper Classic Roc Panther
Roc Hawk Eclipse Shark Stingray Typhoon
Cyclone X-Clone Cyclone 2 XD Raven  
Stratus Gazelle Cobra Comet Whippet  
Leopard Maurader RDGA Driver Eagle RDGA Midrange  

PREMIUM DISCS "Gummy" Blow Fly Omega
Discraft Z series: XL, MRX, APX, X2, XTRA, Super Roc Millinium: Polaris LF & LS,
and EXP 1
Glow Discs
Innova: Champion Edition Assorted Fly-Dyes JUST TO NAME A FEW!

If you don't find me at the Triangle Disc Golf Course, you can find my discs at the "U-stop" Citgo station one block from the course.
For information call: (920) 336-3250 or send email to:

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