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Picnic Hill Disc Golf Course "It's Open for Play!"
Two Rivers, Wisconsin

After several years of promoting disc golf and working with local residents and city officials, disc golf has arrived in Two Rivers. Picnic Hill Park is located across the street from the well known Neshotah Beach Park on Lake Michigan. This beautiful wooded park offers some of the most challenging elements of our sport; long uphill shots, hump shots, accuracy shots, long open shots, and dog legs. In the picture above, hole #1 plays up the hill toward the water tower (or as Steady Ed called it "THE WATER BOMB".) The course has tight fairways that traverse through the woods encouraging players to throw more controlled shots. The current 9 basket layout (10/06/2003) offers both long and short tee locations. DEW Disc Golf members are working with local officials to locate a home for the other nine baskets from the original course. The nine basket course promises to challenge even the best players, so stop by and check it out.

Local players encourage you to play with an eye out for the native wildlife that flourishes in the park. We want the park to become a place that people can enjoy both the thrill of disc golf and the natural beauty that Picnic Hill Park offers. So, please be extremely observant, thoughtful, and protective of the wildlife on the hill. This allows people to continually experience the diverse variety of vegetation, birds and animals awaiting their next visit.

Local business sponsors have embraced this project and will be paying for the entire course installation. The workers are all volunteers that want to see something constructive developed in the park. We need more opportunities for our neighbors to get out into our parks and exercise.

In the fall of 2002, the fairways were cleared, baskets and sign posts installed, and temporary signage added to guide the players. The Two Rivers Parks and Recreation Department will be developing a plan for future improvements to the park. Walking trails, picnic areas, and road improvements will finely polish this jewel on the lakeshore. Anyone interested in offering their time or sponsoring the course should send a message to Discover Eastern Wisconsin Disc Golf or call 920-629-9997 .... Jim Van Lanen Jr. Secretary - DEW Disc Golf.

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